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Check out common questions that potential clients ask before hiring a web designer.

My add-on exclusive booking service allows you to book web design services on an accelerated timeline. Or ask about a VIP Day.  Please contact me directly to discuss.

I specialize in WordPress websites for service-based businesses.

I don’t work with eCommerce websites currently, but can recommend some from my network.

There are several factors to consider when deciding between updating an existing, vs creating a new website.  

Before taking on any client with an existing website, I can recommend best approach after looking at the backend.  Some things I look at are: how it’s built, how well it’s been maintained, and ease of maintaining going forward.

I build exclusively with WordPress because of its power, flexibility and ability to customize design and function to client-specific needs.  

I can work on other platforms like Squarespace, WIX but prefer to hone my craft in WordPress.

If you’d like to learn more about why WordPress may be a good fit  for your business, or are interested in website design deliverables in Figma, please contact me directly.

I am not a graphic designer.  I prefer to collaborate with trusted partners for graphic design expertise.

I include graphic design as a part of my Full-Service website package, or as an optional add-on, where I coordinate and streamline the overall process of working with complementary services.

I believe in leveraging your investment as much as possible, so my website packages include more than just a website.  

View website package information on my website design service page, or contact me for a clarity call to discuss your particular requirements.

My White Glove Full Service package includes copywriting and branding services.  This is perfect for clients who don’t have the time or resources to manage branding and content by themselves. 

I recommend my Copy Coaching add-on service, provided by experienced professionals, to enable you to create high-value, professional copywriting for your website after a single session of guidance.