About jb web studio

Bring your purpose and passion to life through web design


As an online home creator, I help people be visible online so they can confidently share their purpose, passion and make a positive impact in others' lives.


Helping You Fulfill Your Purpose

Since I was young, I’ve had a passion for all things design.  

Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle, integrating systems or re-arranging furniture in a room, I intuitively visualize patterns and ways to arrange pieces to fit together to achieve a specific purpose.  

I had a fulfilling career using my skills to support corporate clients build marketing systems.  Now I express my own creativity beyond technical design to professionally create strategic websites for creatives and small business owners.

Good design goes unnoticed

When done well, your website should be a joy to experience and create an emotional connection


Websites that are perfectly aligned and full of brand personality

I’d love to help you elevate your online presence and craft something that’s perfectly aligned with your vision and uniquely you.  

These are personal values that also apply to how I approach each project.  


We each have a unique set of talents and experience to offer. Respecting differences is learning from each other.


Building a business on your own is filled with challenges. Facing them creates opportunities for growth.


When we make connections with others we share & build community. Leaning on each other makes us stronger.